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We specialize in high-quality plastic products, also in sensitive areas such as medicine and infants. Production must often take place in the clean room and meet the highest standards of hygiene and purity. We will be happy to advise you if you want your product to be manufactured to the highest German production standards.
Our services for your successful made in Germany product:


Only you determine the logo and the name of your product – so you can use the brand and quality of “made in Germany” as a figurehead for your own company! Please feel free to contact us and get the trust of your customers all over the world.


Do you have an innovative product idea and you see the solution in plastic? Our plastic specialist will first check whether your idea is profitable and technically feasible for you!


After our positive preliminary examination, you have already made the first step to success! With the decade-long experience of our partners we advise you comprehensively from your idea to the final product ready for sale.



Our first priority is the individual product concept, which meets the three relevant criteria – functionality, quality, profitability.
Product Development
Based on your idea, our experienced specialists develop a first working design for you. Already in the development phase, virtual product testing is carried out for all three criteria. The suitable material for your product is crucial here. Our partners help you with their expertise to make the right choice from the variety of materials. The ideal material should meet perfectly the economic and technical requirements of the component.
Process Development
In cooperation with you, our specialists develop economical production processes, from prototypes to small and large-scale series. Extremely efficient and flexible manufacturing and processing technologies – blow molding and injection molding – are used to enable a short development time and maximum production quality.

For each product and design, our specialists have the right production process and master highly complex computer-controlled production processes – also additive production processes (3D printing), by which you have an extremely high level of design freedom, are applied.

Mold Development
For the profitability and quality of your product, the development of a perfect injection mold is one of the most important tasks. Because only perfect molds produce perfect products! Tailor-made molds are developed for you: high-precision small molds and large molds that meet the highest requirements.


Even in the planning phase, the first prototype is already created based on your product idea. This way you avoid unnecessary costs in later production, as possible defects and weaknesses are detected and eliminated at an early stage.
Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing)
The 3D printer is able to provide you with a functional model of your product in a very short time and it can be optimized for the later production process in order to save you costs. In this procedure, physical models close are printed directly from the three-dimensional CAD design data (CAD: Computer Aided Design) for you. This is a great way to turn your ideas into a finished product as quickly as possible.
Prototypes by Pilot and Pre-Production Injection Molds
Our partners produce reliable and high-quality pilot and limited production injection molds for you quickly. Based on the prototypes produced, they determine the appearance, the nature and the composition of your product: a high-quality series production can now be carried out fast.
Mold Making and Production
Precision in mold making is of paramount importance for the top quality and fitting accuracy of your item. Our mold-making specialists are able to manufacture up to a hundredth of a millimeter.

The subsequent production takes place according to the type of your product with the appropriate method – precision injection molding or extrusion. As needed, an aseptic production with the highest product purity is possible in the clean room of ISO Class 7.

Our partners also produce in accordance with the strict rules of GMP rules – “Good manufacturing practice for pharmaceutical products”. The GMP standard makes the highest demands on hygiene, premises, equipment, documentation and permanent controls.


Single and multiple-cavity molds are manufactured under strictest quality criteria and with the highest precision. The molds are then prepared and tested for series production with a meticulous sampling and optimization process.


Precision Injection Molding
In this manufacturing process, which can also take place in the clean room, as needed, the thermoplastics are initially heated and melted. The next step is to inject into the mold. High-quality precision parts can be manufactured by means of precisely fitting, high-quality injection molds. The high-precision working method achieves a considerable reduction of the reject rate in the subsequent leakage tests.
Blow Molding
The extrusion blow molding (EBM), which is also called blow molding of hollow objects, is used for the production of hollow parts made of thermoplastics. These hollow parts are for example bottles or other containers. Extrusion is particularly well suited for sophisticated medical and pharmaceutical products in clean room production.

For this purpose, the heated and molten plastic is uniformly pressed through a nozzle and a tube is formed. The tube is then inflated and cooled, precisely matching the mold contour. Finally, a comprehensive leak check of the items is made.

Assembly and Finishing
In order to be able to hold your finished product of high-performance plastic in your hand, our experienced specialists assemble and refine your product in the final step. The assembly and refinement are closely intertwined processes.


The appropriate assembly technology is already integrated in the product development in order to offer you the maximum cost efficiency of the entire production process.

The assembly can be done manually, partly and fully automatically as a clean room assembly. The degree of automation depends on your required quantity and economic parameters. All processes during the assembly are accompanied by numerous quality tests.


By the individual surface finishing and printing, your plastic part receives the visually appealing final touch. In addition, the surface properties can be optimized by the special treatment with fluorine. For products in the medical field, further sterilization can be necessary to kill any organism. In this case, our plastics experts ensure beforehand to select a sterilizable material.

The ideal packaging depends on the number of pieces and the type of product. Protective gas packaging is also possible, which improves the durability and the appearance of your product. The inscription and labeling takes place purely according to your specifications and wishes.


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